Port Agency

VFS’ devotion for the Shipping sector does not stop there. One can be sure that our company did not underestimated the necessity of providing complete support to its partners in every scope of the business.

We understand that entrusting clients’ own creation, financial results and future into other people's hands raises a lot of questions in our Principals, from the ship or the cargo side.

Being part of the ever expanding global agency network of our partners VERTOM SHIPPING & TRADING BV, we thrive to maintain the high service standards set by them.

VFS knows the answers:

  • - Port agency network in all Bulgarian ports
  • - Professional and high-standard services assuring smooth and efficient calls for ships of different sizes and types;
  • - We are not only representing our Principals in Bulgarian ports. By providing presence on site from our staff and non-stop information flow, our clients feel like if they were at place;
  • - Quality and experienced personnel dedicated to provide co-operation and personal approach in giving advices and creative solutions to our Principal’s needs.