Our vision

Excellence is not perfectionism, it is our habit.


VFS values are the ultimate principles by which we conduct our day to day business. Excellence is achieving the highest results in today’s modern shipping industry. We are constantly aiming to improve, adapt and change. Quality and performance are achieved by our customer-driven strategic concept. Pursuing service excellence in shipping is our key model to success.


VFS business concept is entirely modelled around strong and long-lasting client relationships, which are ultimately based on trust.

Creating internal and external values, based on trust, is fundamental to the conduct of our business phylosophy.


Ethical behaviour is an integral part of our customer-driven strategic concept. It is in the best interest of all our clients, business associates, shareholders and employees, ensuring their fair and ethical treatment. We believe that ethical values in the shipping industry is among the key fundamentals of every self-esteemed company. Establishing required ethical values and behaviours help us to resolve ethical shipping dilemmas in a fair and responsible manner.